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Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals, which prevents or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body's cells use oxygen, a process called oxidation occurs which produces compounds known as free radicals that can cause damage. Free radicals can lead to serious, long term health problems and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer have all been linked to the influence of free radicals.

You will agree that maintaining your health can be a challenge. Many people don’t eat enough antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Jobelyn, a powerful anti-oxidant supplement is the stress free way to get the antioxidant support you need, to remove these free radicals, prevent and repair the damage done by them.

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Inflammation occurs When the body’s crisis switch gets stuck in the “on” position

When inflammation first occurs, it’s a good thing. Inflammation is the body’s standard response to injury or infection. When there’s a crisis in the body—whether that’s a sprained ankle, a torn ligament, or a case of the flu—the body gears up, sending extra white blood cells and other immune system components to the place or places where there is a problem.

However, sometimes the inflammation cycle won’t calm down. Constant or out-of-control inflammation in the body leads to ill health.  In our fast paced world, joint pain is more and more common. Whether you suffer from sports injuries, wear and tear from a lifetime of use, or arthritis, joint pain can be debilitating. It can prevent you from doing the activities you love, and even from functioning normally every day.

Jobelyn has proven anti-inflamatory remedy to keep you healthy, keep you fit and keep you active.

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Immune Support System

Jobelyn TM is incredibly beneficial for the immune system when the body is under one of the heaviest attacks imaginable, whether you’re looking for a little extra help during cold and flu season, or if you’re facing a much more daunting immune system challenge.

What Can Jobelyn Do for You?

  • Strengthen, energize and maintain your body's immune system
  • Eliminate toxic waste from your body
  • Correct metabolic disruptions
  • Slow the ageing process
  • Blood enhancer encourages blood production
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What Others Are Saying

In my opinion, Jobelyn has a catalytic effect. When present in the body, even in minute amounts, may not directly kill any germ or eliminate any toxins, but will spur the body's immune system to action and may also greatly influence the production of immune cells and other blood cells.

Dr. Christain Ezeofor, (BM, B. CH, UNN) , Sandra Hospital

Elsie placed an order for Jobelyn capsules through the internet. Samples of Jobelyn were sent to her and were administered on her husband. He was already discharged and given two to three days at most to die. Jobelyn helped to prolong his life for more than he was expected to live.

Dr. Elsie R. Vergara, Associate Professor, Boston University Mass. USA

My fiance's condition has slowly improved since starting Jobelyn. Right before we ordered our first supply, she was in a pretty bad state. She spent about 50% of her life in the hospital. At one point, we were in the hospital more than out and frequently, on the day we went home from the hospital, we wouldn't even make it home before the pain got so bad that we had to turn around and go right back to the hospital. Well, it's now about three and a half months later. Along the way, she's had only one hospital visit, and the crisis wasn't nearly as severe as the previous ones. Nothing else has really changed in her routines except for taking Jobelyn Formula.

Marc Milline and Natasha Cox, USA

It is with great pleasure I write to you regarding the great improvement of my son's health. There has been such a drastic turn around in his condition that the doctors are even amazed. I gave the Jobelyn to him …, and saw results within a few hours. Since then, his appetite has increased, he has greater levels of energy, and is now walking normally- compared to when he was basically bed ridden for long periods of time as well as having to use a wheelchair for transit purposes. Due to this development the doctors have mentioned that there is a possibility that he may even go home tomorrow after being in the hospital for going onto 2 1/2 wks. Although the pains have not totally gone, there has been a remarkable improvement overall

O.S, Florida, USA

Quite often in the past, fatigue was my problem, but after using (Jobelyn), I discovered I m now invigorated, bouncing with vitality.

Dr. Charles Obinwanor, Medical Director, Golden Heart Hospital, Ojota, Lagos

I'm watching my cellulite disappear!

Brooke Gutherie, New York, USA


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