The polyphenols in Sorghum bicolor supplement Jobelyn may have contributed to why a positive hiv positive patient turned negative and a si
It is registered in the drug dictionary of the National Cancer Institute and described as being rich in Polyphenols and phenolic acids with the potential for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and chemopreventive capabilities.

A Medical Doctor gave an account of the impact of Jobelyn in hiv and sickle cell management.


Question: Can you please introduce yourself?

I am a Medical Doctor and I live in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria. I am a public health practitioner with the Rivers State Government.

Question: Have you been involved in the management of HIV patients?

Doctor: Yes, I have. I have a little adopted son who was HIV positive when he was born. For the first twelve months of his life, he tested positive. He was part of the GAINS PROJECT and the test was repeated several times during this period. At 18 months old, he was sent for another test and he tested NEGATIVE. The test was confirmed in two places. At the age of 2 years, the test was repeated and it remained NEGATIVE. Now, he is above 2 years old, he is still negative. He will remain negative because he is taking Jobelyn on a regular basis. He has been taking Jobelyn since he was 6 weeks old.

Question: Could you tell us more about yourself?

Doctor: I am based in Calabar presently. I am a public health consultant with the Cross River State Government.

Question: Could you tell us more about your adopted son?

Doctor: My adopted son was born as HIV positive child and was taken to the motherless babies home because he was abandoned by his mother. He was admitted to the GAINS PROJECT. GAINS means Global Aids Initiative for Nigeria. Only HIV positive patients are taken as part of the project.

Question: Is this boy an adopted son? It is necessary to clarify this issue so that a wrong impression is not created that you are HIV POSITIVE.

Doctor: My son was adopted when he was 4 weeks old and was adopted from an orphanage in Calabar. When he was born, he was apparently born to an HIV positive mother and was abandoned and was picked up by the orphanage. When he was 4 weeks, we adopted him and he has remained our adopted son. He was made to go through different types of medical tests and we certainly knew that he was HIV positive before we adopted him at 4 weeks. Because of our previous experience and knowledge of Jobelyn, we were confident that this product will help to sustain and stabilize him even if he had to remain positive for the rest of his life and so we adopted him. All through his first year of life, he tested positive at the GAIN centre. When he was 18 months old, the test that he went through showed that he had turned NEGATIVE. This was because, he was taking Jobelyn religiously and consistently and because the immunity was increased, he did not get infected by the HIV virus from the mother’s blood and that is what we believe and know to be true so till now that he is over 2 years old, he still remained HIV free.

Question: Before going away, could you tell your experience of using Jobelyn to manage Sickle-Cell Anaemia patients.

Doctor: I have a nine year – old daughter, who is standing here right now with me. She was born with sickle-cell disorder and when she was born, we confirmed this when she was 2 years old because she then started having symptoms of the sickle-cell disorder. The symptoms included having painful crisis, etc. We tried to manage her with orthodox drugs, making sure she was adequately hydrated, taking her paludrin, folic acid and using other conventional maintenance drugs, but that did not help too much because she was having crisis every six weeks like clock work every 6 weeks you know that she was going to have the crisis. Then we discovered Jubi as it was then known (now Jobelyn). A family friend, who is also a medical doctor and also practices natural medicine informed us about this product. We started giving it to her at a small dose and later increased the dosage. She has been taking it since she was two and a half years old. Since she started taking it, she has felt so much better and only occasionally have crisis which is usually mild. She herself recognizes the importance of this product that she calls for it regularly to sustain and maintain her health. Even when I do not remember to give her, she calls for it herself and she takes it very religiously. Anytime she has sign of crisis, she increases the dosage from one to two and when the crisis is over she reverts to one capsule a day. She does everything any other child would do. She plays, sings and plays the violin right now . She comes top in her class, she comes first in the class, the day she comes second in her class, she will become upset. She does not miss her classes, even when she has crisis, she goes to school. She just takes her Jobelyn and does not absent herself from school.

Remarks: We thank you very much for granting this short interview.

Doctor: We also thank the producers of Jobelyn very much. It has been so useful to everybody now that my husband takes Jobelyn every day. He is a young man himself and he cannot do without Jobelyn. The whole family takes Jobelyn now.

Remarks: Your daughter is looking good and pretty. For how long has she been taking Jobelyn?

Doctor: She has been taking Jobelyn for about 7 years. As you could see, she does not have the stigmata of a typical sickle-cell patient. Usually, sickle-cell patients have a big stomach, they have yellowish eyes, they have long, thin limbs, and they usually have a big head. She is like any other normal human being. Usually, people find it difficult to believe she is a sickler. She does not fall ill often and her crisis does not last long enough for her to have yellowish eyes.
Thank you very much Doctor.

Jobelyn is backed up by clinical studies at the Military and Police Hospitals in Lagos.

Clinical studies were also done at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and published:


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