• Jobelyn – 100


    An herbal-based nutritional supplement containing the leaf sheaths of the plant Sorghum bicolor, with potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive and immunomodulating activities. Sorghum bicolor supplement contains various phytochemicals, including phenolic acids and polyphenols such as proanthocyanidins. Sorghum bicolor supplement is particularly rich in 3-deoxyanthocyanins, such as luteolinidin and apigeninidin, and appears to induce apoptosis and inhibit cell proliferation in cancer cells through the stimulation of various apoptosis promoter genes and the downregulation of certain apoptosis inhibitor genes. In addition, due to the strong antioxidant nature of the phytochemicals, these compounds are able to scavenge free radicals and prevent tissue damage. Also, intake of this supplement modulates the immune system by both increasing the activity of natural killer (NK) cells and initiating the activation of macrophages.

    Jobelyn is an all natural powerful antioxidant containing anthocyanins, bioflavonoids, phenolics and other biologically active compounds that help rid the body of harmful free
    radicals while supporting and improving the immune system’s natural ability to fight diseases and infections.
    The immediate effects of Jobelyn can be felt in increased energy levels, and the elimination of toxic waste from the body, thus helping the body to maintain good health and general wellness.

    Directions:  Take 1 -3 capsules, two or three times daily with a  glass of water.


    Jobelyn – 100

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  • Haemotonic

    Haemotonic has been in use traditionally for treatment of pile
    and hemorrhoids, which arise from constipation and other
    inflammatory causes. It eases the discomfort of constipation
    and also backache associated with this problem.
    It could be used prophylactically to prevent pile.
    DIRECTION: 2 Tablespoonful morning and Night, during or
    after meals.



  • Erectaid

    Erectaid is a revolutionary and proven sexual stimulant. Unlike most
    supplements, ErectAid is 100% natural using the highest grade of
    well researched natural herbs. ErectAid is a powerful alternative for
    men wishing to experience a firmer and longer lasting erection.
    ErectAid is so powerful one capsule can last up to 3 days. With
    ErectAid, you are guaranteed a longer lasting erection, a durable
    and stronger orgasm and an increase in sexual stamina.
    DIRECTIONS: Take 1capsule up to an hour before sexual activity
    Use only as directed. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. If
    you are using any prescription drug, taking an MAO inhibitor, or have
    heart disease, high blood pressure, or medical condition, consult
    your doctor before using this product.



  • Hepacare

    Hepacare is the 100 % natural liver cleanser with the
    remarkable ability to effectively cleanse and support the liver to
    rejuvenate its optimal functioning state. Hepacare specifically
    targets the liver by protecting and rejuvenating this vital organ
    by cleansing the liver of harmful toxins and aiding the body to
    rebuild and re-vitalize the liver cells and tissues.
    It is very helpful for sickle-cell anaemia patients who manifest
    the signs of jaundice and also helpful for those who
    excessively consume alcoholic beverages or have done so in
    the past.
    Hepacare provides the best support for the liver through
    cleansing and unique antioxidant protection.
    DIRECTIONS: Take 1 capsule 3 times a day



  • Benafen

    Benafen is an effective and safe remedy for Arthritis,
    Rheumatism and Bone Pains. Benafen provides natural
    support for connective tissue health relieving the pain from
    many forms of arthritis and rheumatism. Benafen is also
    known to help with joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, and
    degenerative joint diseases.
    DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule three times a day as directed.
    Use only as directed. It is recommended that a lot of water be
    taken with the use of Benafen. Do not exceed recommended
    daily intake.



  • Benalax

    Benalax is a safe and very effective herbal laxative which acts
    like a fiber supplement. It absorbs water in the intestines and
    makes the stool softer. A capsule taken late in the evening
    gently evacuates most of the accumulated waste in the
    stomach and colon. Benalax is strongly recommended to be
    included in the regimen for weight reduction.



  • Lumbacare

    Lumbacare is the safe and effective remedy for back pain
    sufferers. As with all products from HealthForever, Lumbacare
    is the result of over a decade of research and development
    resulting in the blending of 100% natural herbs designed to
    provide long lasting and effective relief from back pain.
    Lumbacare is effective for moderate to severe pain and
    particularly useful for chronic back pain.



  • Bena Cough Syrup

    Bena Cough Syrup is an effecive remedy for different types of
    cough. Produced with potent African natural herbs, Bena
    Cough Syrup is quick acting and it removes symptoms of chest
    pain and discomfort in matter of days.

  • Slim & Smart

    Have you tried all kinds of diets and nothing seems to work? Does the weight you worked so hard to
    lose just keeps coming back no matter what you do? Slim & Smart is what you have been looking
    Slim & Smart is a dynamic and effective all-natural weight loss herbal formula for weight loss
    and fighting obesity and weight gains. Slim & Smart is also an important step in any weight
    management program because it helps to burn fat, control appetite, and increase metabolism
    and prevents weight gain rebound. Clinical studies show a weight loss of 5 -10kg after 4 weeks
    of administration
    Overweight or obesity is a significant risk factor raising a wide spectrum of health problems.
    Achieving normal body weight is the most important first step to healthier and longer life.
    Weight loss can be achieved by restricting caloric intake, active life style and regular exercise.
    Slim & Smart will help you with your weight loss efforts. We do not boast that this weight loss
    herbal formula will cut your weight miraculously. A drastic loss of weight by any means can be
    harmful or health. In addition to achieving weight loss, this weight loss herbal formula can also
    be elpful for colon cleansing. When taking Slim & Smart as a diet supplement, people who
    desire to lose weight should also cut down the intake of sugar and food containing saturated fat
    such as butter, margarine, mayonnaise, and red meat
    Slim & Smart is formulated with powerful yet gentle ingredients such as extracts of Cussonia
    bancoensis, Uvaria chamae, Petiveriaceae and Canariumschweinfurthii.


    Slim & Smart

  • Asthmacare

    Asthmacare provides long-lasting relief from asthma no
    matter the severity of the attack. It is exceptionally useful as a
    broncho-dilator. It stimulates the sympathetic nervous
    system, relieving the bronchial spasm that underlies the
    asthmatic state.




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