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Jobelyn – 100 capsules pack




Jobelyn offers protection against many diseases including heart disease and cancer It increases cellular immunity in HIV positive individuals either alone or in combination with antiretroviral drugs. Jobelyn is an effective adjuvant in the management of HIV/AIDS. In a preliminary study involving 64 patients, Jobelyn® significantly increased the CD4 counts in HIV/AIDS patients receiving antiretroviral drugs.Anti-HIV activity has been confirmed by laboratory studies in the Southern University USA.

Jobelyn® is very safe for use in humans particularly when used at recommended doses. Both short-term and long-term toxicity studies have revealed that Jobelyn produces no adverse effects. The LD50 values for Oral and Intraperitoneal routes were found to be 215.06 mg/kg and 193.37 mg/kg respectively. This makes the normal dosage of Jobelyn very very safe.

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