Monosodium glutamate induces memory and hepatic dysfunctions in mice: ameliorative role of Jobelyn®

A recently published article by scientists from the Pharmacology department of University of Ibadan investigated the effect of high doses of monosodium glutamate (MSG), a known food additive on hepatic, memory and locomotor functions in mice, and the ameliorative potentials of Jobelyn®, a unique dietary supplement.

The unique flavo-savory-enhancing effect of monosodium glutamate (MSG) has earned it a worldwide recognition as one of the most extensively consumed food additives, common to restaurants and household menus. Monosodium glutamate is the non-essential sodium salt of L-glutamic amino acid occurring naturally in high abundance both in nature and in a variety of food/dairy products including milk, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. Although, palatability, cost and availability may be the primary reasons for the widespread consumption.

Meanwhile, in the intervention study, Jobelyn attenuated MSG-induced deregulations of serum
liver enzymes (ALT, AST and ALT) and proteins (bilirubin, albumin and total protein) contents suggesting hepatoprotection. The findings that Jobelyn abrogated the MSG-induced pathologic cyto-architectural changes of mice liver tissue as shown by increased population of viable hepatocyte (density count), hepatic cord/central vein (diameter size), and increased hepatocytic binucleation, suggests a remediated regeneration. This hepatoprotective activity of Jobelyn may be related in part to its acclaimed anti-oxidant flavonoid-based polyphenolic constituents
, although more in-depth molecular investigations are strongly recommended to justify this assumption. It may be concluded from the results obtained from this study that high doses of monosodium glutamate impairs memory, motor activity and hepatic functions in mice via
induction of oxido-nitrergic stress and impaired hepatic enzyme functioning and structural integrity. This study also identified the beneficial effects of Jobelyn administration in mitigating the toxic effects of MSG by augmenting the cellular antioxidant defense machineries The abstract of this research publication is available online at: 

For full article please click:Monosodium glutamate induces memory and hepatic dysfunctions in mice: ameliorative role of Jobelyn® through the augmentation of cellular antioxidant defense machineries (


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